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Make Money With Social Networking Sites!

Make Money With Social Networking Sites!
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If you have been over the internet for any period of time, I can guarantee that you must be having accounts on the various social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Hi5 and so on…

But I can also be sure of the fact that till now, you have logged on to these sites either to connect with your friends, make profile photos, upload photos/videos, create and join groups and similar many other activities. Isn’t it?

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But do you earn through them? No! So, now I am telling you some social networking sites that will help you not only connect with friends but earn money too. And as you must be aware, that earning money through internet is a hot and a growing industry these days. So why be away from that? And making money on the internet requires a great deal of application and time. It also needs a certain plan of action, or else you are not going to reach anywhere.

Social networking sites are all the rage these days. They are useful in growing business, learning of new opportunities or for just old-fashioned networking and reaching out to people. And more than that they help you create millions. Check how!
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Here is the list of sites that will help you earn money. Mylot is the oldest of the lot. And helps you earn money by letting you share your own profile, participate in discussions, submit your own blog and refer more people to this site and earn money through their referral program.

Next on the list is Yuwie, which is quite similar to the above, but also pays you for the total number of page views. Another one is the You say too, which helps you earn through Adsense spilt 50-50 with the users, along with the usual features in a social networking site.

Gather and Tagfoot are also some of the sites. But let me warn you that if your aim is to make big money from these sites, you will be disappointed. Instead, use them for what they really are: social networking sites. And if you are able to make some extra money out of this, well, that’s your bonus! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and earn!

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