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Five Innovative Ways to Market your Website for Five Bucks

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A few months back my friend Amos Tayts, CEO of Resume Target showed me a cool website called fiverr while I was checking out the new Resume Target HQ in downtown Toronto.





It was not until recently that I had a chance to really dig into fiverr and the fantastic deals they have to offer.

fiverr screenshot Five Innovative Ways to Market your Website for Five Bucks

On top of having great deals, fiverr is a totally fun website. Even the login made me laugh.

fiverr login Five Innovative Ways to Market your Website for Five Bucks

Below are my first five purchases from fiverr.  The services I bought were the five best ways to market a website on fiverr that I could find.

Buyer’s Tip: Look for services with many positive reviews, read the comments. Be wary of those services without reviews.

1. Get more facebook fans

Service Purchased: I’ll suggest that 5,000 of my facebook friends join your page/group.

Results: After purchasing this service my facebook page received about 100 new fans over the next week.  That’s about $.05 a fan.  Not bad, not bad.

My facebook tips and tricks page is now up to over 800 fans.

Here is the image I received when my order was complete:

facebookflow suggest friends Five Innovative Ways to Market your Website for Five Bucks

The type of Facebook page you have will certainly determine how successful you are at converting fans.  I probably had better than average results since my page is about Facebook, but I still recommend this service.

Update: I currently have over 1,500 fans, three months later.

2. Review your product or website

Service Purchased: I’ll do a 1-2 minute video review of your product or website

Results: This was my best fiverr purchase by far.  I sent an evaluation copy of my eBook The Twitter Tools Book to boylenn33 and told him to give me an honest, off the cuff, testimonial.

He exceeded my expectations for a Twitter Tools Book video review with the three minute video below.


Update: I am still happy with this video, but it has not significantly improved my sales.

3. Submit your website to directories

Service Purchased: I’ll Submit your website to 150 quality directories with PR 1-6

Results: within 24 hours I received this spreadsheet with all of the directories that my link has been submitted to.


I have checked at least five of these directories one week after I purchased this service and I have not been able to find my link yet.

I asked the seller why this was and he said it takes a month for most links to be approved and even then apparently only 75-80% of them are approved.

Update: Submitting you website to directories is important, but I recommend doing this task yourself or having someone in your team take care of it.

To help with this process I recommend you use Brad Callen’s free directory submitter tool.

4. Grow your Facebook page some more

Service Purchased: I will like and become a fan and suggest or invite my 10,000 loyal friends to your Facebook fan page, application, or group

This one netted me another 80+ new fans.  Check out the insights graph below to see my fan growth.  The spike to the right of the graph is due to the two fiverr investments I made, described in this post.

facebookflow insights Five Innovative Ways to Market your Website for Five Bucks

Update: Current Fan Count 1,500+ (Jan 17th, 2010)

5. Get comments on your blog

Service: I’ll write 20 comments on your blog

Comments add meta data to your blog, and help it’s ranking improve in the search engines.

I prefer to get comments for free, but there is alot of value in good comments, so this service can be worthwhile.

This service works out to $.25 a comment.

Personally, I’d prefer focus on producing awesome content that makes people want to comment, on before I pay someone for comments that might not add value to the article.

Other Methods of Increasing Comments

I’ve considered installing the Top Commentator plugin for WordPress to encourage commenting competition, but instead I’ve decided to give a free gift package containing Twitter and Facebook Marketing eBooks to anyone who leaves five comments on this blog.

Once you hit five comments just contact me and I’ll email you the report. But don’t stop there!  I’ve got another prize in the works for those who write 10 and 20 comments.


So far I’ve purchased seven services on fiverr, five you see above, and two of them were notc ompleted.  I was instantly refunded for the services I cancelled and the cash is credited to my fiverr account, and I’m sure I’ll use it soon.

It’s worth noting that there is a “programming” category of fiverr where you can get solid coding help on the cheap.

Other cool things I found on fiverr, but have not yet purchased include photo retouching, custom drawings, written website reviews, and more.

I also just purchased this offer to build 20 .edu backlinks.  I’ll post an update once this service is completed about how it affected my search engine tanking position.

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