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5 Best tips to Make Money with FACEBOOK

5 Best tips to Make Money with FACEBOOK
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There are 175 million people who use Facebook every day. If you are one of these people then it is time to do something productive while you check your friends’ status or while uploading a photo.  Because of the large number of users in Facebook, this makes this a great site to make money online. All you need is a Facebook account (and products to sell if you want to earn more) to start making money with your Facebook account. Of course some of these tips require other things besides a Facebook account. But we’re certain these will be helpful.

1. One way of earning money through Facebook is by some applications. You can earn money for every sign up, download or watching of videos in these applications. However, we must be careful in choosing the application that we should entrust our details to. Some of these apps are just after your email address, which can be sold. There are also some apps that will list sites where you can find online jobs, legit or not? You be the judge.

2. Another way to make money on Facebook is by promoting a site with an affiliate program. You can posts links to these sites on your Facebook page, and once your friends click the links and fulfill the provider’s criteria, then you earn money. A few sites that have affiliate programs are Freelancer.comAmazon.com and ebay. There are a lot of websites that offer this program so you won’t have a hard time finding them.

3. You can also use your Facebook account to direct traffic to your blog. Since there are millions of users in Facebook it is a great place for you to advertise your blog or website. The best way to do this is to create a page that has the same name as your website/blog, then display excerpts of posts that are in your site or teasers, then invite as many friends as you can to your Facebook page. If they get interested with the content then they will look at your website to read some more, this means more traffic for your site. More traffic more clicks on ads, more money for you. Plus if they recommend/liked/shared your Facebook page then there is a possibility of more readers and clickers for you. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

4. If you have a business, online or otherwise, then Facebook is a great spot to market your goods and services. Just post flattering photos of your products with tantalizing descriptions, then bingo your business will be booming in no time.  Just remember to value your customers trust and reciprocate with good customer service so that you will have a lot of happy clients, which in turn would give you more clients.

5. Lastly you can use your Facebook page to advertise your google adsense/adwords. This is a good way to earn more money from your adsense account, as advertising with Facebook will help you reach more people.

Just follow these tips and be sure to tell us about your experience with them. We are certain that these will help boost your monetary earnings, as well as gaining you new friends from all over the world.

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