A series of service disruptions in 1999 caused real problems for eBay’s business. Over the course of three days, overloaded servers intermittently shut down, meaning users couldn’t check auctions, place bids or complete transactions during that period. Buyers, sellers and eBay were very unhappy, and a complete restructuring of eBay’s technological architecture followed. In 1999,… (3 comments)

How E-bay Works?
EBay is, first and foremost, an online auction site. You can browse through categories like Antiques, Boats, Clothing & Accessories, Computers & Networking, Jewelry & Watches and Video Games. When you see something you like, you click on the auction title and view the details, including pictures, descriptions, payment options and shipping information. If you… (1 comment)

How To Make Money On EBay?
Some people frown at internet because they think it is a quagmire of sorts because there are many websites that have cluttered psychology of users. However, almost everyone has heard about eBay which is an ecommerce website that specializes in trading of different goods and products. It is probably the best trading web link in… (24 comments)