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10 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

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As you know google adsense is the reliable source of online earning. You can maximize your earnings by setting adsense ads properly. Some wordpress plugins will help you to do this job. You’ll be able to set your add in proper place. So this is very effective to manage google adsense ads. Today we are going to share 10 best wordpress plugins for google adsense.

1. Adsense Integrator                                                        

This is one of the best wordpress plugins for google adsens. You can manage your add properly by using this plugins. It has been made according to latest rules and regulation of google.

2. Adsense Under Image

It is very helpful wordpress plugins. It will help you to manage your add under images. Here you need to do nothing. Here this plugins will set the code under the image inserted into your post.

3. Advertising Manager

Advertising manager is another helpful wordpress plugins for google adsense. It’ll help you to put your add in your blog with a single click. It is very helpful to place your add in sidebar. Some more helpful features are also available in this plugin.

4. Adsense Revenue Sharing

This wordpress plugin is really very effective to set add into your post. Moreover you can share your google adsense impressions to your friends and others.

Available features

  • Beautiful admin surface.
  • Preview of add.
  • Easy & speedy setting of ads in pages.

5. WP Insert

WP insert is a widely used plugins. It is well known to the users for its awesome features. Moreover you can manage feeds, google analytics and others by this plugin.

Available features

  • Insert the ad codes in every where of the content like left side, right or middle.
  • You can insert the add both in the left or right side of the post.
  • Moreover you can show or hide ad according to your wish in the home page.

6. WP Simple Adsense Insertion

You can set your ads quickly through this helpful plugins. You can place your ad in side bar or into your post according to your necessity. So you can use this wordpress plugin for google adsense.

7. Adsense Immediately

This is very helpful plugins for adsense. You can set your ad code easily by this plugin. It will work as a supportive person for you to set your ads quickly.

8. Adsense Attachment Page

Here you’ll find a way to maximize your revenue. By this plugin you can show large image in your blog with a new window. Moreover you’ll find option not to show large images too. So control is your hand.

9. Adsense Now

Adsense now is another helpful wordpress plugins for google adsense. Here you’ll find some effective features to manage your ads properly. So you can use this plugin to fix anykind of problem related to adsense codes placement.

10. All in One Adsense and YPN

There is no doubt about the importance of this pluins to manage adsense ads. Here you can easily set your ads using this plugin. Moreover the users also find options to add html or css code with the adsense code.

Available features

  • Your ads will be inserted into the post automatically.
  • Provide option to show the number of ads you want in a single page.

Moreover you can select the place by tags where ads will not be showed.

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