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SEO – How to get More Clicks on your Ads?

SEO – How to get More Clicks on your Ads?
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SEO Articles for your Website

Your website can be a good source of revenue for you. But until your website have loads of visitors pouring in, the revenues seldom go up. The idea here is to get your site to appear in maximum number of search results, and with the highest rank possible.

SEOs Promotions

Search engines usually search and display links by keywords. The process of tailoring a website (text, titles, meta tags, alt tags, etc.) so that the search engines assign a good rank to the site for specific search terms is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO Articles

One very popular and effective way of making your website SEO rich is by uploading articles to your site. This helps you include a lot of links to your website, while the good content helps build credibility for the same. Publish as many articles as possible. As long as they are original and useful, they’ll act as a valuable tool in promoting your website.

For a better response, or if you are short of time and manpower, you may want to outsource these articles and get written from experts. There are writers who specialize in this field, and can provide you with appropriate SEO-rich content to promote your site.

Tips for SEO articles

Titles: For a keyword-rich article, you may not realize the importance of a catchy title, but a title is where all your important keywords should be. Keywords in titles increase the probability of your article appearing in search results and also of people picking up your article for a read.

Proofreading: Always make sure your articles have been checked for spellings and grammar. This may not help in SEO directly, but will certain play a big role in building credibility for your site. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar cast a negative impression on your visitors.

Links: Have a good amount of useful links to your website embedded in the body of your articles. This is the most important job of any SEO article – to feature strong, keyword-rich links and anchor texts that lead to your site.

SEO through Press Releases

Press releases are news articles about your website / online product distributed to various online news sources. This is also a great way of promoting your website.

Many people give very high credit to news sources on the internet. Through these press releases, you can get your company name or site url out on the web on major news sources. This will not only build your site’s reputation but also draw in a lot of traffic, by increasing links to your website, and informing customers about them.

Like in case of articles, for press releases too, you may choose to outsource.

In fact, it is quite advisable to hire professionals to write your press notes, as they know exactly how a press release should be written so that it is acceptable at maximum number of news sources. Just make sure that every release is a comprehensive coverage of your website or company. Because the more expose your website gets, the more traffic it brings in and the more money you make!

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